Harvard Bound!

We are delighted to report that Lucy Leel (Y13) has been offered a place at Harvard College USA – Congratulations Lucy!

Last year, Harvard received more than 47,000 applications a year with only 1,600 offers made – so this is an outstanding achievement.

We went to talk to Lucy to find out more.

Why Harvard?

Talking to my England Hockey team mates, I found out that some of them were applying to Ivy League Universities in America partly because of their amazing sports provision, alongside the amazing academics.

So I thought I’d like to apply too.

What was the process involved in the application?

It was hard work!

The amount of paperwork that was required was immense. Ms Spencer Ellis was amazing and helped and supported me. Mr Perham also helped me create my strength and conditioning portfolio.

I also had to sit the SAT and submit two long personal essays.

I was then interviewed by a designated Harvard Alumni and had a meeting with the Harvard Admissions Board when I visited Harvard during half term.

Does the process differ much to the process in the UK?

The application process is very different to that of the UK. In America it’s is more holistic process, looking at your values, what you will contribute to the community, as well as your academic grades. I think the US admissions system is a really good match for any Forester – as it allows us to demonstrate our well-roundedness.

What happens now?

As long as I maintain my predicted grades for A level then I depart for Boston in September – I can’t wait!

[Lucy pictured here playing hockey for England)