Forest House comes to Forest School

On Wednesday 13th September, 50 students and 3 teaching colleagues from The London Academy of Excellence (LAE) came to visit Forest.

The students were all part of ‘Forest’ House – each house at LAE is named after one of the partner schools. The purpose of the day was to build and strengthen relations between the two schools. LAE students heard about the Forest Sixth Form experience, went on tours led by prefects, and attended an A level subject with their Forest ‘buddy’. After lunch, LAE students took part in a plenary session in which they considered what they liked, disliked, were surprised by and confused by about their day. They also took part in a mindfulness session – all Y12 students at Forest do mindfulness as part of The Forest Diploma.


Both LAE students and Foresters were extremely positive about the day. LAE students were particularly impressed by the quality of teaching, the setting of the school and the friendliness of the atmosphere. They found the diversity and the grounded nature of the students here surprising. Unsurprisingly, idiosyncratic features of Forest School did raise some interesting questions and there were interesting debates about the school’s diamond structure, the role of chapel, and the sheer scale of the buildings and resources.


We hope to deepen our relationship with LAE still further and Y12 Foresters are looking forward to visiting LAE later on in the academic year.