Forest 2020 1K

Forest 2020 1K is an ambitious new project launching at the school where we hope to add 1,000 trees to our local environment.

The aims of the project are to raise awareness of air pollution and climate change, highlighting how this affects young lives. We want to encourage our community to help tackle these issues in a tangible way.

We want the project to enable us to liaise with our wider Forest community and to increase the number of trees in our community by 1,000 in one year.

The project will also create a focus point to celebrate, symbolise and nurture the expansion of the prep school with a new oak tree.

This lent term is the first phase of the project where we’re encouraging pupils and parents to dig in a tree! It can be small and it can be anywhere.

We’re also supporting Cities for Trees – a UK charity working at a national and international scale to help improve lives by planting trees for cities.

For more information about our 2020 1k project and how you can get involved please email or