Find My Kit

We are pleased to announce that Forest School has joined forces with a company called FindMyKit to offer an innovative solution for lost belongings.

Join us on a journey to promote sustainability and reduce the impact of lost school equipment. Together, we’re cultivating a greener, more responsible tomorrow for our little learners!

We hope this will offer parents/carers and the School a new and additional method of dealing with lost property.

Direct from FindMyKit via the Forest School page on their website, parents/carers have the opportunity to purchase sturdy tags, iron-on labels and stickers with a QR code to attach to your child’s uniform, games kit, and any other belongings. You will then receive unlimited email or text notifications if any of your child’s belongings are found and handed in to the School Office or Secure Area. FindMyKit at Forest School priortises safety, adhering to GDPR standards, and uses advanced technology to ensure the security of both parents/carers and pupils and the School.

As you know, the School Office and Secure Area work hard to return named items to pupils so please ensure all your child’s belongings are clearly labelled. We hope this additional opportunity to label belongings reinforces to parents/carers and pupils our commitment to dealing with lost property.

Scan the QR code below and join the green initiative!