Express Yourself

In partnership with Place2be Forest has been marking Children’s Mental Health Week.

The theme of the week is ‘Express Yourself’ and we’ve been inviting every pupil to express their thoughts, feelings and emotions in their own unique way.

Throughout the week Tutor Times, Chapel and Assemblies have focused on Wellbeing. Pupils are being encouraged to reflect on how expressing themselves has a positive impact on mental health.

Staff have been running a series of remote ‘drop-ins’ for pupils throughout the week where different members of staff have shared how they like to express themselves. From poetry, to journalling, to crafting and even breakdancing!

Our place2be Project Manager at Forest led our Monday morning Assembly and encouraged pupils to take part in the ‘drop-in’ sessions. She said:

‘Being creative and expressing yourself can allow you to relax and de-stress; generate endorphins that can lift your mood; help you to feel empowered and help boost your self-esteem. We all have a story to tell and my hope for you this week is that you find the opportunity to share yours.’