Every Day is World Book Day at Forest!

Which isn’t to say we don’t love an opportunity to dress up as our favourite characters for school!


Whilst the Prep celebrated with host of much-loved characters including Mary Poppins, Miss Trunchbull, Oliver Twist and a whole class of Dalmatians (guess who their teacher dressed up as?), the Senior School launched its book drive for The Children’s Book Project https://childrensbookproject.co.uk/ . This outstanding organisation collects thousands of books in order to provide access to reading for disadvantaged children and families. One in four disadvantaged children across the UK has fewer than ten books of their own at home, and one in eight has none.

“Book ownership has been directly linked with improved mental health amongst children and a greater propensity to read for pleasure, whilst reading fluency itself has a significant impact on children’s successful progression through education. By age eleven, there is a 12-month language development gap between children from book rich homes books and those with fewer than ten books”

The Children’s Project
Here at Forest we know the impact of access to books and the importance of being life-long literary lovers. With regular author visits across the year groups, and an outstanding library team, our pupils have access to hundreds of worlds, thousands of ideas, and can broaden their understanding, thinking, and sense of self and their place in the world, with ease. If you have old children’s books at home that would like a much-needed new home, please get them to us by March 16th so that we can support this brilliant cause.