Community in Action at Christmas

Forest pupils demonstrate their care in our community at Christmas time.

Forest pupils across the year groups have been busy in recent weeks giving of their time to a number of charitable and community-led projects.
Some Year 11 girls have been preparing a virtual Christmas Concert for the residents of the Forest Dene Care Home and have also sent handmade Christmas cards.
Year 8 Community in Action pupils have organised a huge Christmas present collection for the charity KidsOut. The School community donated 238 high quality gift wrapped presents for children who have had to quickly flee domestic violence.
Year 8 and Year 11 pupils have also taken part in litter picks – one litter pick around the School site and one in Hollow Ponds. In two hours the pupils covered 6.5km and picked up 5 full bags of rubbish that was then sorted into recyclable and non-recyclable rubbish.
Year 12 students have also been collecting used crisp packets from the School site and are going to create sleeping blankets for the homeless.
The Foodbank Friday initiative has now surpassed the 1 tonne mark in terms of providing food items for those in crisis.
Thank you to all within the Forest Community for supporting all these projects – Happy Christmas all!