Careers Fair goes Virtual

Forest School hosts its first Virtual Higher Education and Careers Fair.

Last Thursday almost 300 Forest pupils (almost 100% turnout) attended live sessions of the Forest School Higher Education and Careers Fair. A further 300 pupils from external schools have signed up to receive the recorded session this week.

Fourteen universities and two Gap Year providers gave a series of 5 minute presentations. Pupils then quizzed them on details ranging from Covid wellbeing provision to employability at the end of their course. Every pupil connected with 4 institutions.

‘The event was incredibly well structured, it was really slick, The prepared questions were very useful as it meant there were no awkward silences’. – City University Rep.

We would like to thank all our virtual exhibitors: Orchards School of Cookery; Oyster Worldwide; Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and British & Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM). And Universities of York, Leeds, Loughborough, City – London, Queen Mary – London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Bristol, Nottingham, Durham, Southampton and Warwick.