Access to a Forest Education

Forest School was founded in 1834 as part of the charitable work of a group of local dignitaries and opened the white gates in order to educate twenty-two boys from the local area.  In 2020, Forest School has continued in that charitable tradition with the introduction of a Founders’ Day Bursary scheme.  The scheme is designed to provide girls and boys in the local area with access to a Forest education, regardless of their background.

We are delighted to confirm today – Founders’ Day – that our first Founders’ Day Bursary pupil joined the School this term.  We look forward to welcoming a Founders’ Day Bursary pupil to Forest every year in future.

Alongside the Founders’ Day Bursary scheme, a new type of means-tested bursary called an “Assisted Place” was also launched last year.  These places are aimed at those families in the greatest financial need and has enabled four pupils to join Forest on fully funded places to join the School this September.

Both these initiatives are in line with Forest’s longer-term goal to reduce the overall number of non-means-tested fee subsidies and target awards first and foremost to those who need them most.  This will enable us to maintain the wonderful diversity of the Forest community and ensure that more pupils, who would not otherwise be able to attend Forest, can enjoy all the opportunities for learning and personal development that Forest provides for young people.