Stomp visit Forest

Pre-Prep pupils started their new topic ‘Look and Listen’ with a bang on Monday 20 February.

The year 1 and 2 pupils kicked off their new topic, which explores sounds and different sources of light, with a masterclass with the world famous percussion group Stomp.

During the class, two members from Stomp spoke to the children about how sounds can be made using different parts of their body and using everyday objects.

Master-in-Charge of the Pre-Prep, Mr Paul Faulkner said: ‘The children got to learn about the importance of tempo, rhythm and collaboration, and how they work collectively to make music.They used everyday objects such as pipes and  dustbins as well as their hands and feet.

‘To finish the stunning start, we all enjoyed a walk in the forest, listening to the different sounds that we could hear.’

Year 1 pupil Kyle said: ‘I really liked STOMP because they use everyday objects to make sounds and music,’ while Wren added ‘We had to run up and down playing the drums in turns, it was a lot of fun!’