Year One pupil writes poem for Tim Peake

Wren’s Pre-Preparatory School class are currently taking part in the UK Space Agency’s and RHS’ joint ‘Campaign for School Gardening’ project, which has involved pupils growing two sets of rocket seeds, one of which have been to space.

Last September, the rocket seeds were flown to the International Space Station (ISS) on the Soyuz 44S, before being delivered to the pupils along with a second packet which had not been to space.

Pupils are currently growing the seeds and will find out in a few weeks which of the two packets of seeds have returned to Earth from space.

Speaking about Wren’s poem, form teacher Miss Hopkin said: “It was a wonderful poem by Wren and the whole class listened carefully. The class are really enjoying the seeds from space project. We are nearly half way through our experiment and have a few more measurements to record before we upload our results onto the national database.”

She added: “At the beginning of the experiment the children made predictions. Some thought that the seeds would grow the same, a few thought that the seeds that had been to space would not grow or would not grow as much, whilst others thought that the space seeds would grow first. Everyone is excited to know the results.”

Forest’s Pre-Preparatory School pupils have been closely following Tim Peake’s journey to space having taken part in the astronaut’s interactive lesson earlier this year.

During the lesson pupils were able to ask questions about life in space and they attempted to repeat exercises the British astronaut was doing.

Wren’s poem:

Seeds are cool and seeds are fun,

Seeds can grow in the heat of the sun,

Aliens like seeds that grow pretty flowers.

Aliens like gardening for hours and hours,

So if you can send some seeds into space,

It would put a smile on an aliens face!