Year 7 visit London Zoo

During the morning, the pupils got to explore the capital’s biggest animal attraction, taking in the new lion exhibition which opened earlier this year.

The pupils also met two new baby gorillas, they visited the tiger territory, and many were forced to confront their fears head on while in the live spider zone.

After lunch, the boys and girls watched the penguin show, learning how the flightless birds camouflage themselves and about their daily dietary requirements.

Speaking about the trip Jacob, 7F, said: “The best part of the London Zoo trip was the penguins because they were all swimming and jumping,” while Safyah, 7F, said: “I learned the difference between alligators and crocodiles, you can tell the difference because alligators have round heads and crocodiles have pointy heads and teeth that stick out rather than in.”

The excited pupils also saw giraffes, zebras, meerkats and monkeys before heading home.

Harry, 7F, added: “I loved the meerkats because they were amazing and cute. It was great visiting the zoo as David Attenborough has been there too!”