Year 11 pupil and talented pianist, Zoe Kundu, has passed her Diploma of The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

Speaking about the accolade, which is the equivalent of the first year at music college, Zoë said: “I focused on a 35-minute recital, which I presented with programme notes alongside it.”

“There is also a Viva Voce discussion of the programme, including interpretation of the pieces and more technical knowledge of the instrument, the music and composers that have been played, as well as sight reading.”

She added: “The Music Department has been extremely helpful. As well as learning with Mr Hunter, Mr McGregor and Mrs Sheppard guided me with my programme notes and prepared me for the Viva.”

Zoe continued: “I am hoping to continue to learn and improve and generally just enjoy playing the piano both by myself and in ensembles.”