Should teachers be using social media more frequently in the classroom?

But what I have been beginning to notice is that a number of schools are starting to take a completely different approach on this whole using-social-media-during-school thing, by actually introducing it into the educational system itself, rather than shying away from it. However one question arises; can this always be a positive thing?

Done Goble, multimedia, film, and broadcast technology professor at Ladue Horton Watkins High School, St. Louis, believes that ‘social media has become one of the greatest educational tools of all time’. He finds that even his quietest students in class speak the loudest on social media, allowing them to extend beyond the walls of the classroom and communicate their thoughts with the world. As 21st Century learners, we are undoubtedly visual learners, and so social media is a great way for teachers to teach their students in a much more motivational, engaging manner. Goble, while recognising the countless benefits of this great new way of learning and interacting by means of social media, still believes that it can have its setbacks – if not used suitably.

Think about it. You wouldn’t give the keys to a brand new Ferrari to a 13-year-old with no driving lessons, nor any proper experience, and say have fun, Would you? This is essentially what a number of us may be doing with social media usage. As some of the heaviest users of online ‘tools’ shall we say, many students are – in reality, unaware, or simply nonchalant, regarding the many dangers of social media, and particularly that of sharing information through it.

So what I’m getting to is that yes, social media is offering us some of the greatest learning opportunities we, as students, have ever had, and yes, teachers should be using it in the classroom, Provided we are concurrently being educated regarding the skills needed to use it. In other words, the do’s and don’ts of this formidable online world.

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