Reception class release butterflies into the wild

As part of their Animal crackers topic, excited pupils were given the chance to study the life cycle of a butterfly, seeing first-hand how a caterpillar grows and cocoons before turning into a butterfly.

Reception class teacher, Miss Powell said: “The project went very well and the pupils really enjoyed watching the caterpillars grow into butterflies.”

After all the butterflies had emerged from their chrysalis, the pupils set them free in the forest so that they could learn more about how they would survive in the natural environment. The insects did take some convincing though as they kept flying back to Miss Powell!

Miss Powell added: “Each day, the pupils would make daily observations about the changes before we set them free. I think many of the pupils may miss having them around.”

After the butterflies were released the pupils returned to their classroom, and on the way back they found some unusually large eggs, signalling the start of their next topic – details to follow soon.