Old Foresters return to Forest to share their experiences of life during the Second World War

The former pupils were visiting the school to share their experiences of the Second World War with the Sixth Form, as part of the Look Out lecture series.

Jangu, Peter and Christopher spoke in depth about the reality of day-to-day school life during a period of intense conflict and upheaval in London.

Giving pupils a fascinating glimpse into what life was like during the war, they shared with the audience their memories of the era, which included the effects of the Blitz, rationing, former teachers and the intense sporting rivalries with local schools (some things never change).

Diploma Coordinator, Mr Burnside said: “The talks were delivered with great humour and poignancy, and the Sixth Form listened with rapt attention; there was a palpable feeling of warmth and respect in the Deaton Theatre.”

The three guests also spoke about their memories of their Forest houses. Both Peter (1939-51) and Christopher (1941-51) were part of Doctor’s House, while Jangu was in Johnians.

The Look Out lectures are a series of talks for Sixth Form pupils – recent lectures have included talks by former sportsman Alastair Hignell and Middle East expert Diana Darke.