Les Misérables THE SCHOOL EDITION: Year's Biggest Show Unveils Spectacular Talent!

A Remarkable Culmination of the Season! 100 Students, both on and off the stage, brought the epic tale of Les Misérables THE SCHOOL EDITION to life at Forest School.

As Mrs Moon, our Director of Drama, describes, our talented cast added maturity and flair to the captivating characters and story. But it wasn’t just the spotlight-stealers—behind the scenes, a dedicated crew worked tirelessly to turn this production into a reality.

And let’s not forget the Symphony Orchestra, whose gifted musicians added depth and emotion to the timeless music of Les Misérables THE SCHOOL EDITION. Their contribution? Absolutely crucial.

Mrs Moon emphasizes that:

“This production would not have been possible without the incredible dedication and passion of our students. In just one term they have poured their hearts into this musical, and the results speak for themselves. This epic story of love, sacrifice and human spirit is brought to life by the extraordinary determination of our students. I am confident that you will agree that their hard work has truly paid off”.

The show was a tremendous add to our pupil’s education, as well as, a great way to help develop their skills. It was also amazing to see how many of our pupils came to support their peers. 

Meet some of the cast and crew by clicking here.


About the Musical

Step into the world of ‘Les Misérables’, a powerful and poignant musical adaptation of Victor Hugo’s classic novel. Set in 19th-century France, the story centres around Jean Valjean, a former convict seeking redemption while pursued relentlessly by the indomitable Inspector Javert. As Valjean reinvents himself into a respected factory owner, he crosses paths with Fantine, a struggling single mother, vowing to care for her daughter, Cosette.

Spanning decades, the narrative weaves together the lives of characters affected by poverty, revolution, and unrequited love. Against the backdrop of social and political upheaval, ‘Les Misérables THE SCHOOL EDITION’ delves into themes of justice, sacrifice, and the enduring power of compassion.

With its sweeping score and emotionally charged performances, the musical showcases the resilience of the human spirit and the pursuit of hope in the face of adversity.

We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did—this was a production for the books!