Iain Duncan Smith visits Forest to open Science Block extension

The extension, which took one year to construct, includes new laboratories and prep rooms.

On his arrival at the School, Mr Duncan Smith was greeted by Forest’s Combined Cadet Force drummers and Year 7 pupils Harry Wren, Maxwell Catmur and Saanvi Goriparthi for a tour of the School.

The tour included a visit to the Pre-Preparatory School playground, where Mr Duncan Smith met pupils in Reception Class, and a stop on the Field where Mr Duncan Smith was told about the Martin Centre for Innovation, which was opened in 2013.

On arrival at the Science Block, Mr Duncan Smith was greeted by Year 9 pupils dressed in lab coats.

Forest’s Head of Science Ian Honeysett, Head Boy Callum Thomson and Head Girl Alex Bush then showed Mr Duncan Smith around the extension.

On his tour, Mr Duncan Smith saw Year 11 boys dissecting a sheep’s heart and Year 8 girls doing an experiment on light and colour. He also visited a mixed Sixth Form chemistry set titrating oxalic acid with potassium permanganate to work out how many molecules of water were trapped in the crystal.

To commemorate the opening, Mr Duncan Smith then unveiled a plaque to mark his visit to Forest.

The Head of Science, Ian Honeysett, said: “The whole development process resulting in the new Science Block extension has required the cooperation of teaching staff, technicians, contractors and pupils.”

“We are all proud of the finished product and so were really pleased that we all had the opportunity to show Iain Duncan Smith around the building and celebrate the opening.”

The Warden, Mr Faccinello, added: “The six new laboratories and two new prep rooms give us the state-of-the art facilities for future generations of Forest School pupils to discover a love of science through active learning and practical experimentation.”