The hotly contested Girls’ House Drama Competition was held on Friday 5 February 2016…and the results are in…

The full list of winners below:

Best Design Franklin “Glass Eels”

Best Adapted Play Eliot “I believe in Angels”

Best Original Play Hepworth “The Green”

Best Newcomer Kingsley: Megan Summers

Best Supporting Actress Kingsley: Emily Lawrence

Best Actor Kingsley: Alex Bush

Best Actress Hepworth: Shailee Mahil

Best Director Astell: Phoebe Lewis & Grace O’Donnell

Best Production Kingsley “It’s an Apocolyse!” written & Directed by Seshani Sritharan

The overall rankings:

1st Kingsley

2nd Hepworth

3rd Eliot

4th Astell

5th Franklin

6th Baylis