Forest boys visit Haven House Children’s Hospice

Each year, Forest School’s Boys’ and Girls’ Schools pick a charity to support. For several years the Boys’ School has supported Haven House Children’s Hospice, which is located close to Forest in Woodford Green.

Last year, the dedicated boys raised over £12,000 for Haven House, which will pay for three days of care at the children’s hospice.

Head of Boys’ School, Jeff Kayne, said: “They duly set about the fundraising by every means possible: baking cakes, holding House events, helping at supermarket check-outs, asking for donations at music and drama shows, and all sorts of other ingenious ways.”

To coincide with the annual Boys’ House Music competition, the pupils chose Thursday 15 October as the first ‘pay for a day’.

Mr Kayne added: “The School is so proud that this is our first of three days when we are able to support Haven House and its work.”

Marking the day, two Forest boys, Head Boy Callum and sixth former Will visited Haven House to learn more about the work the facility currently provides.

Haven House’s Community Engagement Manager, Charlotte Terry, spoke to the boys about what their funding will provide and how valuable it is to the charity. Following this, the boys were shown around the hospice.

On the tour, Callum and Will visited Haven House’s sensory room, bedrooms provided for patients and families, the prayer and reflection room, and toured the grounds.

The boys also were shown their ‘pay for a day’ certificate for Thursday 15 October, which was displayed at reception on the day.

Forest pupil, Will, said: “It was extremely interesting to meet and tour Haven House with Charlotte. Despite it being a hospice, we came away feeling it was an incredibly happy place. It was great to see in person the difference Forest Boys’ School is making.”

Forest’s Boys’ School look set to break last year’s record with nearly £1,000 being raised at their House Music Show.