Day 4 of Forest's first ever Sleep Week

Following yesterday’s Fone Fast, pupils spent tutor time reflecting on the day and what they had learned from the challenge.

Forest teacher Mrs Rebecca Kay explained: ‘With over 450 pupils taking part, the day had been a big success but some found it easier than others to give up their phones.

‘Pupils will hopefully continue to reflect on their phone usage and screen time over Easter and have some interesting conversations at home as well.

During lunchtime, the Girls’ House Art was judged in the Martin Centre, which had become a ‘sleep art gallery’ for the day.

‘The standard was very high and Kingsley were the overall winners here,’ Mrs Kay explained.

Pupils in history also learned about important historical figures in the world of sleep, while in English poetry featured on the theme of sleep.

This week, Forest is marking its first ever Sleep Week to encourage pupils and staff to get more sleep.

Recently there has been increasing reports in the media about children’s mental health, and at Forest we believe its important to try and address those issues in school.

In 2017, we know more and more pupils are working later into the night, sending emails and posting on social media when should be sleeping, meaning many are finding it hard to switch off and get a good night’s sleep. Research has shown being well-rested means pupils’ resilience will increase and they will be better prepared to face the difficulties of modern life and the challenges of growing into responsible adults.