Cast Collection Trip Report

On Thursday 29th February, all Classical Civilisation students in the Sixth Form were given the special opportunity of visiting the Museum of Classical Archaeology in the University of Cambridge. The collection contains a comprehensive number of cast copies of recognisable and influential architectural and free-standing sculpture.

We were given a very comprehensive guided tour, which gave us a great insight into the detailed history of Greek sculpture. This tour helped greatly in developing our understanding of the context, narrative, and content of the statues, and was a great activity in consolidating what we have already learnt on our course.

After the tour, we were given free time to explore the gallery for independent learning. This was very fun and rewarding, as we were able to travel at our own pace, digest what we have been taught during the tour and apply what we have learned to statues which we have not yet covered. It was incredible to have been able to view these artworks in the flesh, to support our learning in the classroom. Thank you to Mrs Merali-Smith and Mr Foinette for organising the trip and for accompanying us on the day.

Report written by Jonah, Year 12