In line with Forest School’s charitable aims, the School is working towards increasing the number of pupils who can access a Forest education, regardless of parental income.  The genuine diversity of the Forest community is an acknowledged strength of the School and Forest wishes to support more pupils, who would not otherwise be able to attend Forest, to enjoy all the opportunities for learning and personal development that the School provides.

Introduction to Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded to pupils that demonstrate excellence during a competitive assessment process. Scholarships are awarded for sport, music, art, drama and academic excellence at 11+ and 16+.  The maximum Scholarship awarded to any one pupil is 20% remission of the full School fee whether in one area of excellence or a combination of one or more areas of excellence.  However, most Scholarships will be awarded as a smaller percentage, usually 5% or 10%.

Aside from any fee remission, the primary function of the Scholarship award at Forest remains as a badge of recognition and status designed to encourage talented pupils to fulfil their potential with support from our staff.  At Forest, scholars embody the values of the School, demonstrating engagement and leadership.

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Introduction to Bursaries

Alongside our Scholarship Programme, Forest School offers Bursaries. Bursaries are awards that are added to a Scholarship award. Bursaries are means-tested, which means that they are awarded according to household income. A Bursary can provide up to 100% fee reduction when combined with a Scholarship. This allows able pupils who have been offered a Scholarship award for excellence, but who otherwise may not have been able to take up a place, to come to Forest.

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