Introduction to Bursaries

Alongside our Scholarship Programme, Forest School offers Bursaries. Bursaries are awards that are added to a Scholarship award. Bursaries are means-tested, which means that they are awarded according to household income.  A Bursary can provide up to 100% fee reduction when combined with a Scholarship.  This allows able pupils who have been offered a Scholarship award for excellence, but who otherwise may not have been able to take up a place, to come to Forest.

How to apply for Bursaries

Parents who wish to apply for a Bursary, should indicate on the registration form that they would like to be considered and which Scholarship/s the candidate will be applying for. Parents will then be sent instructions to complete an online statement of financial circumstances form and supply all necessary paperwork via Bursary Assessment Associates, in advance of the Entrance Assessments.

Both parents are required to complete the bursary application and make a financial declaration.  This applies equally to separated parents. The school will not accept an application for a child where a parent is refusing to participate in the application process.  If there is a court order in place which specifically prohibits a parent from any involvement with the child, then the School may accept this as a reason for the non-resident parent not completing the financial declaration.  Under these circumstances, the School will require supporting documentation such as a copy of the court order. This criteria also applies to the annual means-testing of the award.

The School uses Bursary Assessment Associates to review and assess all means-tested applications. This may include a home visit which will, of necessity be arranged at short notice.

Bursaries are only given in conjunction with a Scholarship. Click here to find out about scholarships at 11+ and 16+.

Download Income Bands

For example:

Priya was awarded a 20% Scholarship for her excellence in Sport.  As her parents’ joint income was below £55,000, Priya was awarded an 80% Bursary.  This allowed Priya to attend Forest School on a free place with 100% fee remission.


Additional Awards at 16+

Up to the equivalent of 1 place is also available biannually to entrants at 16+, of which 50% is sponsored by Mulalley & Company Ltd. Awards in this category are means-tested and are awarded at the discretion of the School to candidates who perform strongly in the 16+ entrance examination and subsequent Scholarship interviews who meet the eligibility criteria:

  • Candidate joins Forest School in the Sixth Form
  • Candidate fulfils Forest School academic entry requirements
  • Previously educated entirely in the state sector
  • Means-tested in line with Forest School bursary requirements
  • No subject requirements

Bursary Regulations

All Bursaries are awarded in light of the information given on a completed means-tested form, assessed and reviewed by Bursary Assessment Associates (BAA), acting on behalf of Forest School. The Privacy Policy for BAA can be found here: Privacy Policy | Bursary Assessment Associates

The School will also take into consideration parental assets, investments and savings when assessing applications.

The level of Bursary is as stated in the offer letter. Bursaries will be reviewed annually by Bursary Assessment Associates, and the School reserves the right to increase, reduce or remove means-tested remission should parental income change.

If a Scholarship is reduced or removed as above, any Bursarial monies attached to that Scholarship will be reduced or removed accordingly.

The School’s decision concerning eligibility for Bursaries is final.

NB: The school reserves the right to review criteria and awards annually and will give appropriate notice of any changes made.