Year 7 and Year 8 STEAM Society

Year 7 and Year 8 STEAM Society went to the Natural History Museum to visit the Venom Exhibition, and of course, eat ice cream.  

Krystal Lewis-Lynn, Year 7, said “…one of things I most enjoyed were the different species of wasps, bees, snakes, and, unfortunately, spiders…also the cool and engaging documentary on how they make anti-venom.”

Sophie Ella Hill, Year 7, enjoyed “finding out about how they sewed stinging insects to mats and then put them on people’s skin in the venom exhibition, and seeing the huge whale skeleton in the entrance hall, and hearing about the shark jaw.”

Miss Baber and Ms Golding-Hann came away with lots of ideas for Forest’s bee-keeping initiative, but no plans yet for a snake charming activity.