Year 6 Maths Day

This year’s Year 6 Maths Day was hosted at Forest and attended by a total of 15 local schools, and a wide range of problem-solving skills were demonstrated by both the student helpers and the attending guests.

Everyone had a lot of fun with activities such as the challenging Monty Hall problem; the complex Hanoi Towers game, some perplexing Number chains and some problems involving Chess boards, Flags and Straight Lines.  It was very rewarding to watch the Year 6 students from all 15 schools explore new areas of maths and leave with a greater understanding of the topics, and we had some extremely positive feedback from the day:

“Thank you for inviting our school to the Forest School Maths Day. We have attended this event on several occasions and each time the selected children come away enthused and full of maths conversation. It was great to watch the children I brought to the event come back to class and challenge their peers with the various logic problems they tackled on the day. Your staff and pupils where very welcoming and the whole afternoon was a pleasure to be a part of. Hope to see you again next year.”

Snaresbrook Primary School

A big thank you goes to Ms Rathod who works so hard each year organising this popular event.