With more young people sitting A Levels and more applying to university this year, and with the government also committed to curbing previous grade inflation, we knew the return to formal external examinations after two years of internal grades (CAGs & TAGs) awarded by schools would pitch our 122 Forest students into a highly competitive situation.

As you know, we felt strongly that the internal grades awarded over the last two years had real educational integrity and were a proper reflection of our students’ performance, but this year’s results represent even higher grades than those CAGs and TAGs.

So, it is particularly pleasing that – as forecast – this year’s Year 13 students have achieved best-ever A Level results, raising the bar from previous good examination results.

Of the 370 A Levels sat by our students 67% of those grades are A* or A.

The more common national metric sees 85% of Forest grades awarded at A*, A or B.

A huge ‘well done’ to students and the staff who have supported them to achieve this success!

A/A* A*/B
2017 A Level Exam 43% 71%
2018 A Level Exam 48% 72%
2019 A Level Exam 39% 65%
2020 (Internal CAGS) 59% 80%
2021 (Internal TAGS) 62% 85%
2022 A Level Exam 67% 85%



Leavers Board 2022