August 2021

At Forest, we are delighted that our pupils have been awarded excellent A Level grades (TAGs). At the outset, it is worth clarifying once again the nature of these grades and the unique context within which they have been awarded because teachers and the Leadership Team have worked incredibly hard to provide fair and accurate grades for Forest pupils who faced down considerable challenges, using a system that cannot be directly compared to public exams.

As we know, the pupils did not sit common examinations but instead have been awarded Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGS) after studying in circumstances utterly unlike those experienced by any previous cohorts, including last year’s cohorts. They have displayed remarkable determination throughout the past two academic years, in moving between in-person and online teaching, adapting to changing guidelines, and in their response to the uncertainty surrounding this year’s assessments. The Forest staff have been integral in preparing and supporting the pupils, both in an academic and pastoral sense. We are very proud of what they have achieved at Forest and the sort of impressive young people they have clearly become.

As such these assessment grades cannot form a benchmark for the future or be compared to any other year (or indeed any other school), but in our view it is important that Forest pupils receive proper recognition for their dedication and initiative over the course of the pandemic. These grades show Forest pupils achieving extremely high evidenced levels of academic achievement which will allow them to progress to the next stage of their education (or to the world of work) and confirms they have made the progress and developed the appropriate skills to ensure they can take that step with confidence.

We are especially proud that against this backdrop, 84% of our one hundred and thirty-six Y13 pupils were awarded grades A*-B, meeting the published School’s internal academic target set for them at the start of the year. In addition, 90% of this extremely talented Y13 cohort’s Extended Project Qualification results were A*/A.

These excellent results mean that over 75% of Forest pupils will be leaving us to study a wide range of subjects including Medicine, PPE and Law at top Russell Group institutions; as well as others travelling further afield to study in the USA. We also have several students taking up very high prestige apprenticeships at companies including PricewaterhouseCoopers and Morgan Stanley. As always, our pupils embody the true Forest Learner spirit.