History department trip to Munich

From 14-17 October the History Department took 27 Year 11-13 pupils to Munich in a visit designed to supplement the IGCSE and A-Level curriculum.


After an eye-rubbing 4:30 start, the group visited the Dachau Concertation Camp Memorial Site, the scenes of some of the most horrific suffering during the Third Reich. Pupils reflected meaningfully on what was a sober and emotionally challenging day as we considered the consequences of absolute, totalitarian power.


On Day 2 we visited Berchtesgaden – Hitler’s mountain retreat in the Bavarian Alps – and ascended to the Eagle’s Nest, a mountain-top Nazi conference centre. Stunning Alpine scenery and warm weather made for a particularly enjoyable day out. We then visited the medieval town of Nuremburg, home to the enormous Nazi rally grounds as well as the site of the famous Nuremburg Trials after the Second World War. This of course had its own, fascinating Forest connection: one of the British judges, Sir Norman Birkett, was the grandfather of a certain Mr Cliff-Hodges.


On Day 4 we spent time walking around central Munich: retracing the steps of the Munich Putsch and enjoying typical Bavarian fare at the Hofbräuhaus, although a few of the vegetarians in our party were less impressed by the typically carnivorous cuisine.