EPQ presentation afternoon 2017

The Extended Project Qualification presentation afternoon took place on Wednesday 19 April.

Having worked on their EPQs since September, pupils in Year 12 were invited to present their findings and to reflect on the research-intensive process.

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a standalone qualification designed to explore and develop pupils’ skills in independent research and project management. At Forest, it is part of the Sixth Form Diploma’s core academic element.

This year’s projects included topics as diverse as the benefits of clean eating, media ethics, body language and DNA fingerprinting.

Following last year’s EU referendum, several pupils looked at the future for the country in a post-Brexit world and what led to a leave vote, while another pupil attempted to make a garment that represented Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s marriage.

During their presentations, pupils had the opportunity to tell the story of their project journey, from topic choice to final reflections, before taking questions from peers and teachers.

Universities including Oxford and Cambridge greatly value the EPQ as the skills that pupils develop through them are excellent preparation for university-level study.