A New Term

Today we are delighted to welcome Year 7 and Year 12 for their inductions days to Forest School.

Whilst much planning and preparation has gone into ensuring the safe return of our pupils, we also want our pupils to be happy, relaxed and enjoying as much of Forest life as they can in the current situation. So far the signs from our new Year 7 cohort are looking good.

Parental support is also key in helping foster a safe and happy school environment and we were delighted to receive this email from parents of  Year 9 pupils who return to school next week.

‘We thought this picture of uniform shirts drying on the line says it all & is a sign we’re almost back to school!
The F family are very much looking forward to returning. We’ve read through the changes & think they are very well thought through & are very pleased with the compulsory face mask requirement whilst moving around the school site.
Thank you to you, your team & all of those whom have kept us informed & updated during such changing & challenging times.’