Eleana, Head Girl

The Forest School environment brings a wealth of opportunity, which allows its students to gain new and unique interests and attributes – particularly within the Sixth Form. These range from sporting and musical commitments, to collective house events, the DofE, and the more niche activities such as dissection and chess. It is this broad variety of opportunity which breeds individuality and creates a diverse student body. 

Within the Sixth Form students are actively encouraged to rise to positions of leadership. It is here where students gain a deep understanding of responsibility; rise and tackle challenges and learn to communicate with both their peers and teachers alike. 

It is during their school experience where Forest students acquire the toolkit to becoming valuable and impactful members of society. It is the distinctive well-rounded and high-achieving nature of a Forest School student, which sets them up to excel in the future. 

Felix, Head Boy

Forest is a world that very much revolves around Community especially in the world of Sixth Form, that is also, its own little community. Be it through things as obvious as the house system, with events like House Drama and House Music or more natural ones like sports teams and clubs there are so many experiences like this at Forest.

That being said, there are no rigid cliques at Forest and one of the best things about Sixth Form is the ability you have to simply get involved in a diverse array of activities, allowing you to enjoy what it has to offer.

My favourite aspect of Sixth Form is the structure of classes. They are smaller and mixed which allows for better relationships with the teachers and fellow pupils, a more diverse teaching environment and more focus on you as an individual. Through that, you feel more like a member of a group, allowing you to really explore your potential.