In recent years the School has spectacularly developed its facilities to extend teaching and learning opportunities across the site. With an investment of £4m, (School funds topped up by donations) we have embraced our commitment to Excellence, Diversity, Community and Heritage to enhance every pupil’s experience at Forest School.

When focusing on mastering specific subjects it is easy to forget the idea of mastering the process of learning itself. This too is crucial for us. We want our pupils to know how to learn per se, how our memories work, the most effective forms of study and feedback and how we move through the stages of knowledge from surface content to deep conceptual understanding.

The skills and dispositions of a great learner are articulated in our Forest Learner framework. We want pupils to know and believe that anyone can be a great learner if they:

• Take responsibility for their learning

• Know where they are going

• Know how to get there

These are summarised in the three strands of the Forest Learner – Responsibility, Direction, Strategies. Being a great learner is not simply about character traits such as grit and resilience. It’s about understanding the learning process and using the most effective strategies and techniques which can be taught and practised. Our approach means that pupils will have the foundational knowledge to reach the highest levels of conceptual thinking in the subjects we do teach whilst also being equipped to approach any new learning with the confidence of expert learners.