John Hattie’s Visible Learning Programme



John Hattie’s Visible Learning Programme

Forest School Conference: November 12th

Like their pupils, good schools are constantly improving, and keep teaching and learning firmly at the very centre of their provision.


Certainly, at Forest we are always challenging the way we do things, and keen to make everything we do emanate from our vision of learning. To help us along the way we have engaged with world-renowned Professor John Hattie’s exciting Visible Learning Programme. To date, we are one of the first independent schools to adopt Visible Learning across the school. We’re keen to share his insights with as many schools as possible and we’re delighted to invite you to a seminal event with Professor Hattie exploring the very ways in which this vision can become a reality for any school.


Join Professor John Hattie, Laura Kearney and Wendy Delf and discover how to revolutionise your practice and put learning at the centre of school improvement and receive practical models and the ultimate teacher toolkit to dramatically improve the outcomes and life chances of the children in your school.


We look forward to seeing you at this unique event – the first time John Hattie has led a school-based conference in the UK.


Best regards

Tahmer Mahmoud

Deputy Head Academic, Forest School


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The Learning Revolution with Professor John Hattie

Tuesday 12th November 2019

Forest School, College Place, London E17 3PY