Finding Puck

1 May - 3 May 2024

Pupils from Years 7, 8 and 9 have been working hard to prepare this magical production and would very much like to welcome you into Titania and Oberon’s mystical Forest to join them in preparations for a very important (but very secret) event for the woodland creatures.

Over 100 pupils have either been involved as actors, musicians, artists, chefs, backstage crew, set builders and front of house crew, and wonderful staff from many departments and areas of our community have also been incredible in supporting the production thus far.

Tickets are now available via this link Finding Puck! Tickets and are £5 with all proceeds going to Action for Children (Action For Children | Children’s charity | For safe and happy childhoods). However, if of course you would like to help with the event or would like to attend but not book via the ticket link, please do just email me! We would very much love you to join us!

Some of our woodland sprites have been busy searching for Puck already you can take a sneak peek here.