Annual Reunion 1981 – 1990

I have the pleasure on behalf of the Warden, Marcus Cliff Hodges, of inviting you to Forest School’s Annual Reunion on Sunday, 18th March 2018.

This year it is the turn of those of you who were at Forest during the years of excessive shoulder pads, perms and pop-music, when a mullet was all business at the front and party at the back, and power-dressing was de rigueur.


The reunion will start at 12.30pm with drinks in the Chapel Quad (if the weather is inclement we’ll adjourn straight to the Dining Hall), giving you an opportunity to catch up with old friends and reconnect with those you may have lost contact with over the years. Lunch will be served in the Dining Hall (and a promise that there will be no tapioca in sight), after which our fantastic prefects will be on hand to take you around the school and show you all the changes since your last reunion. This will also give you an opportunity to compare notes with them on what Forest was like in the 80s and now as a pupil of the “Inbetweenies” and “Teenies” years. One thing that hasn’t changed is that Forest School pupils are as independent and engaging as ever!


We would love to see you back at Forest School regardless of whether you have visited recently or not been to see us in a while. You are more than welcome to bring a guest – all I ask is that you let us know if you will be coming by March 6th. You can click here to book your places on-line. Alternatively you may email Samantha Gautama ( or call on 020 8509 6588.