Politics at Forest School

Head of Department: Mr L Flynn lpf@forest.org.uk

Politics is at the root of everything that affects our lives. Politics and political maneuvering is important in determining things as small as the price of a chocolate bar to issues as large as climate change. If you wish to understand the world and why things happen in the world, the study of Politics is for you and is vital.

Politics is a wide-ranging subject and encompasses many disciplines such as History, Economics, Sociology and Psychology. If you want to do a multi-faceted A Level course in order to become a well-rounded student and person, then Politics is for you.

Our rich curriculum includes:

  • Visits to Parliament and the Supreme Court
  • Attendance at yearly US Politics Today A-Level Conference at the British Library.
  • Biennial trip to Washington D.C.
  • Talks and lecture by those involved in politics.
  • Surgeries to support student progress.

A-level Overview


The Edexcel A Level in Politics qualification enables students to:

  • Develop your knowledge of both UK and US Politics.
  • Develop your ability to both analyse and evaluate political events and ideas.
  • Question and debate issues, events and ideas.
  • Gain confidence as both an individual and collaborative learner.
  • Develop skills that are invaluable at university and for future employment.

Assessment at A-level

  • Component 1: UK Politics and Core Ideologies – written examination (2 hours) – 33% of total.
  • Component 2: UK Government and Feminism – written examination (2 hours) – 33% of total.
  • Component 3: Comparative Politics – USA – written examination (2 hours) – 33% of total.

“I must study politics so that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.” – John Adams, 2nd President of the United States.

Adams encapsulates the centrality of Politics in society. In order to tackle other issues, we must understand Politics and political culture. The understanding of Politics through the study of Politics gives you a voice, which you can then use.