The Academic Curriculum Prospectus 2024


Year 7 Curriculum

Pupils in Years 7 and 8 are offered a broad range of subjects to study including English, Mathematics, Science, Religious Studies, History, Geography, Art, Design and Technology, Food and Nutrition, Drama, Wellbeing, Music, Latin, Computer Science, Physical Education. Modern Foreign Languages are very important and in Year 7 pupils will have the opportunity to choose to study two Modern Foreign Languages from French, German, Mandarin and Spanish.

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Year 8 Curriculum

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Year 9 Curriculum

In Year 9 pupils study a core of subjects that we deem sufficient to ensure they experience adequate breadth in their education so that they do not unnecessarily constrain their I/GCSE choices. Core subjects include English, all three Sciences, Mathematics, Geography, History and Religious Studies. They must also choose at least one Modern Foreign Language. In addition to this core curriculum, pupils have the opportunity to make choices from a range of subject areas: Art, Classical Greek, Computer Science, Design and Technology, Drama, Food and Nutrition, Latin, Music and Modern Foreign Languages. Pupils also benefit from extensive Wellbeing education.

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Year 10 Curriculum

Forest pupils value breadth of opportunity as well as the ability to specialise. On top of this, pupils and teachers express a strong appreciation for courses of study that go beyond the purely conventional – we exercise our School’s independence robustly.

With this in mind, the curriculum in Year 10 and Year 11 enables pupils to make choices to maintain breadth or to specialise according to their desires, whilst continuing to receive an education giving a good grounding in Mathematics, Science, English (Language and Literature) and a Modern Foreign Language.

What makes our curriculum unique, however, is the opportunity for all pupils to study for a GCSE standard Higher Project Qualification (HPQ).

As well as incorporating the teaching of study, research and independent learning skills, the HPQ also allows pupils to exercise intellectual curiosity, and their individual enthusiasms, since it can be focused on any subject area of the pupil’s own choosing.

In order to maintain a suitable breadth of education during the GCSE years, we make the following subjects a compulsory part of the core curriculum studied by all GCSE pupils at Forest: Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, Science, either Double Award Science (a course combining study of all three sciences), or at least two separate science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), at least one Modern Foreign Language (French, German or Spanish or Mandarin) and the Higher Project Qualification (Level 2).

On top of these seven subjects, pupils choose three full GCSE options. Higher achieving Mathematicians will also have the opportunity to study for a further qualification in Mathematics.

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Year 11 Curriculum

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Year 12 Curriculum

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Year 13 Curriculum

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