The Co-Curriculum is a crucial part of life and learning at Forest. While expecting our pupils to demonstrate a strong work ethic in their timetabled lessons, we also recognise how important it is for both practitioners and pupils to develop learning outside of the classroom.

We ask our pupils to try new things, explore new places, learn new skills and experience a real challenge. Visiting a new country, joining a new club or team, or being part of an ensemble or society, is a great way to get the most out of life at Forest.

The Co-Curriculum is there to support every pupil, Year 7 to Year 13, providing them with a springboard to discover new skills and develop existing ones. Clubs and Societies run regularly before school, at lunchtime, and after school, and cover a wide range of interests, from sport to music to drama. Pupils can aim for nationals in the Hockey Club, build their ideas in the 3D Printing Club, and challenge themselves and their peers in the Debating Club. We invite pupils to start their own clubs; recent start-ups have found themselves well-subscribed, taking teams to national competitions. The Warhammer Club was our most recent addition to this list, and our fingers are crossed our Year 9 debaters. The consistent distinction of our longer-running clubs encourages these newer clubs to succeed, with our CCF approaching its hundred and fortieth birthday.

Forest continues its history of inspiring excellence within and beyond the curriculum with its work with subject experts and external partners: including elite sports coaches, music concerts performed at sold-out venues, and regular talks given by experts in their fields.

As part of our broad curriculum offer, we believe that the opportunity to learn and develop beyond our school gates is crucial to their academic and personal progress. We have a vast programme of educational visits that take pupils from the classroom to destinations both domestic and abroad, working in partnership with the Co-Curricular programme and subject curriculums.

We invite you to explore Co-Curricular at Forest and challenge you to extend your horizons with us.