Theatre, Writing, Speech & Drama

Boys and girls at Forest are encouraged to explore and uncover their inner actor

There are regular classes and rehearsals for plays and other performances.

Drama is offered as an Option at Year 9 and at GCSE and A Level. In the Lower School we introduce basic drama skills and then follow schemes of work on Slapstick & Silent Film, The Medieval Mystery Plays and Desert Island Survival.

GCSE and A Level embrace Devised and Scripted Work, practical study of texts ranging from Chekhov, Shakespeare, to modern Classics such as Jez Butterworth’s “Jerusalem” as well as a diverse programme of live theatre visits.

On the Co – Curricular front, there are three productions a year: the Michaelmas Play draws its cast from the whole school community, the Lent Term Play involves Years 7, 8 and 9 , while the Trinity Term show is usually a more light hearted affair with a cast drawn from Year 9, 10 and 12. Recent productions include “Oh What A Lovely War!”, “Nicholas Nickleby”, “Kes” and “Dick Barton- Special Agent!”.

In addition, there are highly competitive House Drama Competitions where pupils are encouraged to develop their writing and directing skills. In addition, there is a thriving Technical Theatre Team who provide support, not only for in-house productions but for school wide events.

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