Scholarships & Bursaries

We are committed to ensuring that the most able and talented children have access to Forest even when parental income is not sufficient to pay the full cost of fees



What are Scholarships and Bursaries?

A scholarship is a non means-tested fee remission. The maximum scholarship awarded in respect of any one pupil is 50% of full fees, whether in one area of excellence or in a combination of one or more areas of excellence.

Bursaries are means-tested and are awarded in addition to a scholarship, up to and including the total remission of fees.

Scholarships at 11+

Scholarships at 13+

Scholarships at 16+

Forest Exhibitions

Forest Exhibitions are awards that take the form of a small reduction of fees, the exact level of which is dependent on the number awarded. They are awarded in recognition of ability or potential to those who have not qualified for a scholarship (with the exception of Music).

Unlike scholarships, Forest Exhibitions do not bring with them eligibility for bursarial support.

All Exhibitions are awarded at the discretion of the School and cannot be directly applied for.

In the case of Music, Forest Exhibitions meet the cost of lessons in one or more instruments and may be awarded in place of or in addition to a Music scholarship. They may also be awarded at the discretion of the Director of Music at points other than entry.


All bursaries are awarded in light of the information given on a completed means-test form, which parents will be sent in advance of the entrance examination.

Bursaries are only given in conjunction with a scholarship.

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a) All scholarships are awards made on the basis of assessed merit at the discretion of the School and the School’s decision is final.
b) All internal materials relating to assessment, such as examination scripts, interview notes and results, whether for award or place, remain the confidential property of Forest School.
c) All scholarships are awarded for the full duration of the pupil’s life at the School, subject to annual review of performance and conduct relevant to the scholarship held. The School reserves the right to reduce or remove the level of scholarship where there are significant concerns about the pupil’s commitment or progress; at least a term’s notice will be given of any such decision.


d) All bursaries are awarded in light of the information given on a completed means-test form. The School will also take into consideration parental assets, investments and savings when assessing applications.
e) Bursaries are only given in conjunction with a scholarship. The level of bursary is as stated in the offer letter.
f) Bursaries will be reviewed annually and the School reserves the right to increase, reduce or remove means-tested remission should parental income change.
g) If a scholarship is reduced or removed as in (c) above, any bursarial monies attached to that scholarship will be reduced or removed accordingly.
h) The School’s decision concerning eligibility for bursaries is final.

Forest Exhibitions

i) Exhibitions may be removed at any stage if the pupil’s commitment or progress no longer merits this recognition.

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