11+ Entry

Joining Forest at 11+


Forest School offers approximately 120 places for boys and girls at age 11 in September each year. They will join our pupils from the Preparatory School to form eight single-sex classes in Year 7.

Entry requirements

Candidates should have reached the age of 11 before 1 September in the year of entry.

Selection criteria

  • Performance in English and Mathematics examinations.
  • A written, confidential report from the current school.
  • After the entrance examinations, candidates who have performed well and who are being considered for a place will be invited to attend an interview with a senior member of staff. Candidates will have the opportunity to talk about their interests and achievements, both academic and co-curricular.

Entrance examination

Mathematics – 1 hour with questions on numerical skills and reasoning.

Questions require arithmetical knowledge such as addition, multiplication and fractions. There are problems to solve in a variety of contexts.

We are looking for candidates who demonstrate logical and creative thinking when problem-solving. In the exam, we advise candidates to show all their working. There will be credit when the candidate demonstrates a correct method even if they have made a mistake en route to the final answer!

English – 1 hour 15 minutes long in total.

Section A assesses reading and comprehension.

Candidates have 10 minutes to read a short passage and then have 35 minutes to answer questions on the passage.

We are looking for evidence that candidates have clearly understood what has happened in the passage. Candidates who do well demonstrate that they can understand layers of meaning and show sensitivity to the writer’s use of language.

Section B is 30 minutes long and assesses writing. There is a choice of 2 questions, one of which will be a creative writing task.

We are looking for clear and accurate writing and a varied vocabulary. Candidates who do well enjoy expressing themselves and engage the reader through their fluency and imagination.

Download 11+ Sample Papers:


Up to the equivalent of 14 places may be awarded annually to candidates at 11+ following scholarship assessment in January of the year of entry. The number of places allocated includes both scholarship and bursary awards.

Key dates for 11+ entry September 2018

Open Day Saturday 23 September 2017

11+ Information Morning Saturday 7 October 2017

11+ Information Morning Saturday 25 November 2017

11+ Closing date for registrations Friday 1 December 2017

11+ Tours

Between September and December, all candidates will be invited to attend a group tour, conducted by a senior member of staff, when families will have the opportunity to experience Forest on a normal School day.

11+ Entrance Exam Saturday 13 January 2018

11+ Music Scholarship Auditions w/c Monday 15 January 2018

11+ Academic Scholarship Interviews w/c Monday 22 January 2018

11+ Sport Scholarship Assessments w/c Monday 22 January 2018

11+ Fee-Paying Interviews w/c Monday 29 January – Thursday 8 February 2018

11+ Offers posted Thursday 15 February 2018

11+ Taster Morning for offer holders Monday 26 February 2018

11+ Deadline for acceptance of offer Tuesday 6 March 2018

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