The Forest Diploma

The Forest Diploma is our expression of the education Sixth Form leavers need to thrive in a world of exponential change and exciting challenges

Designed with the input of some of the country’s most important employers and universities, the Forest Diploma equips pupils with the skills to thrive in their professional and personal lives long after they have left Forest.

As part of the Diploma, pupils complete three A Levels and an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). The Diploma also provides pupils with the space to think innovatively and independently.

The Forest Diploma has been welcomed by universities and employers across the country. It is known that Forest Sixth Formers will leave the School equipped with the necessary academic qualifications, professional and personal skills to be confident and successful members of society.

What makes the Diploma unique are its individual components, which are Communication, Community, Competencies and Super-Curriculum.


Everyone we spoke to when developing the Forest Diploma emphasised the importance of clear, coherent and persuasive communication.

We all need to be able to explain who we are and adjust our communication to suit its purposes. And it’s crucial that pupils are able to articulate the value of the experiences they have had in their learning journeys.

As well as a core course in Digital skills, pupils have two ‘Forest Viva’ interviews, an EPQ presentation and they have the opportunity to try a range of other activities – from debating to Mandarin Chinese.


In our changing world, being ready for life outside the classroom is getting more complicated. The Forest Diploma Competencies component meets that need.

All pupils follow courses in key intellectual skills, Mindfulness and personal welfare, professional studies, finance and nutrition, and adult life skills. A thorough ‘Next Steps’ programme also helps prepare pupils for careers and higher education.


At Forest we are determined to make the most of being at the heart of one of the most diverse and exciting communities in one of the World’s most important cities.

Forest Diploma pupils show commitment, grit and independence by arranging work experience and community service placements.

A series of lectures and tutorials – entitled ‘Look Out!’- given by prominent figures in local, national and international affairs, keep pupils informed about the world around them. Previous speakers have included writer Diana Darke, the Guardian’s fashion Editor Jessica Cartner-Morley and former BBC commentator Alastair Hignall.


The super-curricular element of the Diploma is what takes pupils beyond the bare requirements of their A Level studies.

Whether it is Medical Application preparation, Legal Studies, or simply having an opportunity to read and discuss more widely in literature, Diploma pupils choose from an enormous prospectus of opportunities laid out by Forest’s highly qualified academic staff.

Pupils are also actively encouraged to propose and run their own activities – something that universities and employers like to see. Flourishing societies including the Dissection Society, Engineering Society and Friends of the Earth are all led by pupils.

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