Forest Learner

Learning at Forest is the process of acquiring, developing and applying new learning skills to build a strong work ethic in preparation for life beyond school

Good learning leads to positive and life-long changes in knowledge, behaviour and attitudes. We want the Forest Learner to be pro-active in showing good initiative, planning properly, and taking full responsibility for the development of their own learning characteristics under the guidance of their teachers. The Forest Learner focuses on:


Independence: The Forest Learner believes that intelligence is flexible and can be grown. They lead their own learning rather than being passive. The Forest Learner enjoys developing skills for inquiry and research by building personal discipline and self-motivation. The Forest Learner understands that independence does not just mean doing what you have been told to do when a teacher is not there.

Flexibility: The Forest Learner can change perspective, innovate, consider different options, show creativity, and always be adaptable. When working alone or collaboratively, the Forest Learner is prepared to think critically, be resourceful, and take calculated risks when approaching work.


Time Management: The Forest Learner is well-organised, efficient and makes effective decisions about using their time. The Forest Learner understands the importance of intellectual, physical and emotional balance and successfully manages a range of commitments, allowing them to maximise the opportunities on offer at Forest.

Looking Ahead: The Forest Learner plans for the future, sets learning goals and appreciates the primacy of process over outcome. The Forest Learner can identify a sense of purpose beyond the immediate task or a short term result or grade. They reflect on previous achievements and build a sense of mission.


Commitment: The Forest Learner understands that commitment is more important than ability and consequently appreciates the value of engaging with, and then sticking with challenging things. They are continually reflective and appreciate both their strengths and weaknesses. The Forest Learner follows tasks through to completion, sustaining long term concentration, effort and energy.

Determination: The Forest Learner understands and accepts that failure is a route to success and embraces the opportunity to learn from mistakes. They consistently display resilience and actively seek out challenge. Forest Learners are able to overcome difficulties by remaining focused and accessing relevant support, if required.

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