Middle School

Forest School aims to provide a unique educational experience for boys and girls through its diamond structure and through its innovative approach to teaching and learning

Our diamond structure recognises the differences between boys and girls as learners. We teach them separately in the Lower School and Middle School before joining co-educational classes for the two Sixth Form years.

Far from stereotyping either gender, we provide for a range of learning styles and encourage both boys and girls to develop good learning characteristics, habits and behaviours in a classroom environment that is free from self-consciousness.

Pupils receive outstanding pastoral care delivered through the fourteen single-sex Houses. The long-standing House structure at Forest provides the firm foundations which enable our pupils to flourish: they remain in their Houses throughout the Senior School where they are known and valued as individuals, and looked-after by Tutors and Housemasters/Housemistresses who closely oversee their academic progress and personal development. 

From Year 7 to Year 13, pupils move up through the three sections of the Senior School, allowing their needs at every stage of their Forest education to be met with age-appropriate support and guidance. The Heads of Section (Head of Lower School -Years 7 & 8: Louise Lechmere-Smith; Head of Middle School -Years 9,10 & 11: Harriet Dyke; Head of Sixth Form -Years 12 & 13: Kate Spencer Ellis) all work closely with House staff to monitor every pupil’s progress.

The result is a friendly, caring and diverse community of talented pupils and staff who enjoy working in a school that is structured to create supportive and comfortable spaces for every pupil to flourish. 

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