Community and Outreach

Forest School London was founded in 1834 as a place for the "due education of children"

The Warden and Governing Council place great importance on extending that education through our community action and outreach both locally, nationally and internationally, by making the School’s expertise and facilities accessible to those who are not directly associated with the School.

Through this, partnerships develop, bonds are formed and we ensure that we remain part of society at large and that our students see themselves as part of the wider context.



Our staff and students seek out opportunities to be part of our local community, we have run parties for the elderly, students have helped with gardening in our local church yard, we have regular charity events raising funds for a whole host of charities, especially our linked charity Haven house.


Within school we have a hugely successful mentoring programme, both within the senior school and across the pre-pre, prep and senior school.  The Yr 12’s are involved in a weekly programme with our year 7’s, our yr 10’s a reading mentors for the pre-prep children and the yr 7 &8’s also volunteer in the pre-prep school.  This gives students opportunities to learn new skills as well as contributing to the community service aspect of the forest diploma and the Duke of Edinburgh award.


London Academy of Excellence

Forest has continued its involvement with the London Academy of Excellence (LAE) as one of seven sponsoring schools from the independent sector. The LAE opened in September 2012 and was the first Sixth Form to be set up under the government’s Free Schools scheme.

LAE’s record of excellence has been publicly recognised: in Autumn 2015 the LAE was named ‘State Sixth Form College of the Year’ by The Sunday Times.

Since 2012 Forest School’s engagement with LAE has been on a number of levels, from the provision of staff on part-time secondment, advisory roles for Forest staff, co-curricular involvement with the CCF and the provision of examination facilities for pupils needing to complete additional GCSE qualifications. Forest also lends its name to one of the houses at LAE. At a governance level, the Warden is a member of the Board of Trustees, and is the link-governor for Safeguarding.


In addition to the above people based activities the school also regularly open its facilities to a diverse range of groups and individuals. We loan out our theatre, conference and sporting facilities both on a weekly and annual/one off basis.

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