Digital awareness for parents and pupils

Developing a safe and positive online presence. By Denis Lundie

A company of young people run engaging and practical workshops for schools, parents and pupils in the UK. Active online, they relate well to the situations that young people come across in their own online experiences, but also help adults with building a positive online presence. Accepting that children participate online from a young age, it is very likely that, besides getting into potentially dangerous situations, young people may find themselves with a legacy of unwanted or embarrassing online images, videos and social media posts that can affect their opportunities later in life. Universities and employers routinely scan applicants’ online ‘footprint’, for example.

Digital Awareness UK run workshops for parents, children and schools, like this one about Online Safety for Secondary School Parents, and programmes such as ‘building an employable digital footprint‘ in conjunction with Barclays Bank, and have featured on BBC News promoting digital awareness.

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