Commissioner urges digital awareness education

"Every child should study digital citizenship" By Denis Lundie

Government support may be forthcoming for beleaguered parents. Parents and children are often left to figure out the complexities of living in an online society by themselves, according to a recent report published by the UK Children’s Commissioner, Anne Longfield.  At the same time, regulators, educators and public services are also stretched to respond to the pace of social change brought about by increased social connectivity.

The study investigated how well children are prepared for online life. Gaps in the education and protection of our children, and violation of some established rights, were identified. Besides sending a strong message about children’s digital awareness education, the report also highlights the parent education, social media contracts, online rights and ‘A digital UN Convention on the Rights of the Child’.

“It is critical that every child in the country studies digital citizenship to build online resilience, learn about online rights and responsibilities and prepare them for their digital lives”.

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For now, parents may need to educate themselves as far as possible, with the support of schools. It is very important that our children are not deprived of online participation, but also not left to simply fend for themselves.

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