A Safer Internet

Support Safer Internet Day 2017

Parents can help their children with internet safety by supporting Safer Internet Day 2017 on Tuesday 7 February, and use the opportunity to talk to children, find out more about their online lives and how to ensure that they are safe.

Last year, Safer Internet Day was supported by over a thousand organisations, reaching 40% of UK children. Internetmatters.org and the UK Safer Internet Centre support the day which encourages parents, schools, pupils, police services, local authorities, charities, companies, government departments and agencies, regulators, community groups and clubs, and wider, to get involved with internet safety.

It is sometimes difficult for parents to know how to talk to children and support them in this complex social and technical space. Internetmatters.org provides excellent, specific and hands-on information about setting up your children’s devices and apps, clear age-specific advice and guides, and links to report any concerns to appropriate authorities. An e-safety app is available to share e-safety learning with younger children.

Parents can get accurate information,useful advice and resources from these organisations, ranging from conversation starters  and hot topics to trustworthy research. Often, parents are left by the media just to worry about their children’s online safety, without any solutions. Safer Internet Day and these resources inform, support and assure parents to help their children become confident, responsible and active online citizens.

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