The Importance of Being Earnest – Book Now!

7 December - 9 December 2022

Forest School is proud to present this year’s Michaelmas play.

Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest is one of his most notable comedies. This comedy of manners centres around two wealthy gentlemen Algernon Moncrieff and Jack Worthing who are both leading double lives to escape the tedium of polite society. However, when they attempt to win the hearts of the women they love – who declare they will only love a man called Ernest the pair try to keep up with their own stories and become tangled in a tale of deception, disguise and misadventure. The question is, will these two bachelors’ “bunburying” bag them the women of their dreams or just bring trouble?  Wilde’s biting satire captures with wit and charm the absurdity of the artificiality of Victorian society.  The play pokes fun at conventionally serious topics like death, love and religion while handling trivialities with the utmost seriousness.

When? 7th-9th December 2022, with doors from 6.30pm and the performance from 7pm.

Where? Deaton Theatre.

How do I get tickets for this outstanding production? By following this link The Importance of Being Earnest Ticket Booking Form