Candidates wishing to join Forest at 16 must first register online to sit the 16+ entrance examination and should indicate the scholarship(s) they wish to apply for and whether they wish to be considered for a bursary.

16+ 2021 Entry Guidelines


GCSE Requirements

  • At least three grade 7s or above
  • At least three grade 6s or above
  • At least grade 4 in English and Maths
  • ­The required grade at I/GCSE in the qualifying subject/s required for their chosen courses – see the Qualifying Subjects below.

Qualifying Subjects


Entrance Examination

The examination consists of a 45 minute compulsory Critical Thinking paper and two 45 minute GCSE-level papers from the 14 subjects below:

Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, English Literature, French, Geography, German, History, Latin or Classical Greek, Mathematics, Physics, Religious Studies or Spanish.

Read more about the Critical Thinking paper and the entrance examinations by subject below.

Critical Thinking Sample Paper

Sixth Form Entrance and Scholarship Exam 2021

The two subjects need not be the A-level subjects the candidate subsequently takes at Forest. The examinations will determine whether the candidate will be offered:

  • An interview for a fee-paying place at Forest
  • An interview for a scholarship at Forest


Interview for fee-paying candidates

Candidates will be invited to the School for an interview with members of the Sixth Form team, during which they will have the opportunity to talk about their academic work, their interests and why they want to come to Forest.


Interview for Academic Scholarships

Candidates will have an academic interview where they will be required to demonstrate intellectual curiosity and a willingness to think about unfamiliar problems. During this interview candidates will have subject specific questions. This will probe further into their understanding of one of the subjects in which they were examined.  They will also have a general interview to assess their overall potential contribution to Forest Sixth Form. Scholarship candidates will take part in a group task where they will be required to solve a problem with a group of other candidates.



Forest School will request a reference from the candidate’s school, asking about academic standard, commitment to study, attendance and co-curricular contributions. We are looking for pupils who are academically able, punctual, committed and willing to get involved with a broad range of activities.


Scholarships for 2021

Scholarships are awarded for outstanding academic ability and exceptional attainment in art, drama, music and sport.

Forest School offers a number of academic, art, drama, music and sports scholarships annually to both current pupils and new entrants into Year 12 who meet the scholarship criteria.

Academic, art, drama, music and sport Scholarships are not means-tested and are awarded in percentage increments up to 25% of full fees and are subject to annual review. 25% of full fees is the maximum non-means-tested fee remission awarded in respect of any one pupil, whether in one area of excellence or in a combination of one or more areas of excellence.

Candidates who receive scholarships in non-academic areas are strongly encouraged to take the subject at A level. Candidates who hold non-academic awards are expected to make a significant contribution to the relevant area, which will be monitored in an annual scholarship review meeting.

Bursaries are means-tested and are awarded in addition to scholarships, up to and including the total remission of fees; in other words, a free place. Candidates are only considered for a Bursary if they meet the criteria for either an academic, art, drama, music or sport Scholarship (or combination of these) meaning Bursaries are awarded in conjunction with a Scholarship fee remission (which as above are awarded in increments up to a maximum of 25% though the majority will be smaller awards).

Parents are asked to refer to the household income bands to determine eligibility for bursarial assistance.


16+ Non Academic Scholarships 2021

All pupils who are being considered for a place at Forest will be invited to an interview.


Additional Awards at 16+

Up to the equivalent of 1 place is also available to entrants at 16+, sponsored by Mulalley & Company Ltd. Awards in this category are means-tested and are awarded at the discretion of the School to candidates who perform strongly in the 16+ entrance examination and subsequent scholarship interviews who meet the eligibility criteria:

Mulalley & Company Ltd

  • Candidate joins Forest School in the Sixth Form
  • Candidate fulfils Forest School academic entry requirements
  • Previously educated entirely in the state sector
  • Means-tested in line with Forest School bursary requirements
  • No subject requirements

The Old Foresters’ Club Scholarship at 16+

The Old Foresters’ Club Sixth Form Scholarship (up to 25% of one full place) is awarded on the basis of academic ability to the son or daughter of an Old Forester at the discretion of the School. However, where several candidates are eligible, priority will be given according to means–test.


Key dates for 16+ September 2021 Entry

Open Day Saturday 19 September 2020 (Book a place)

Sixth Form Open Evening Monday 28 September 2020 (Book a place)

Closing date for Registrations Friday 16 October 2020 – 12 Noon

Closing date for Non-Academic Scholarship Application Forms and Bursary 

Friday 6 November 2020 – 12 Noon

16+ Entrance Exam Saturday 14 November 2020 AM

16+ Art Scholarship Exam Saturday 14 November 2020 PM

16+ Non-Academic Scholarship Assessments:

Sport: w/c Monday 16 November 2020

Drama: Tuesday 17 November 2020 PM

Music: Thursday 19 November 2020

16+ Academic Scholarship Interviews w/c Monday 23 November 2020

16+ Fee Paying Interviews w/c Monday 30 November 2020

Offers posted Monday 7 December 2020

Deadline for Acceptance of Offer Friday 8 January 2021 – 12 Noon


16+ Registration Form